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What is Duckie Mart? (“Da Key” Mart...get it?)

Duckie Mart is a Marketplace that helps Local Businesses sell their products and services online. When COVID-19 hit the world, we learned many valuable lessons along the journey of getting past it. Local businesses took some of the hardest hits during this Global Pandemic. It taught us the importance of the internet and how the world needs to be connected for our communities to survive and thrive.


How do we do it?

Small Businesses are the backbones of our communities and while they are amazing at building in-person relationships with their customers, they could use some help from their community that always doesn’t really have a chance to visit them in person. That’s where we come in. We help these stores and service providers set up their products for selling on our platform where it’s available to you conveniently on the Web or through our Mobile Apps.


What happens when you make an order online?

Duck Chacha Inc. allows users to conveniently browse through the list of stores and products on either the Web browser or their Mobile Phones. Once you’ve chosen one of the Local Businesses, you can browse through all the services and products that the store has to offer. When you’re ready to checkout, depending on what you’re ordering, i.e., Products or Services, they will be fulfilled by either a Delivery Hero or the Local Business itself.


Fulfillment Options

Pick-up from a Store (No Extra Fees)

In case you have ordered products and requested for them to be ready for you to pick up, the selected store would keep your items ready for you to pick up and you’ll get a notification when your items are ready.


Get Products Delivered (Includes a delivery fee)

In case you have selected the products to be delivered, a Delivery Hero would collect the items from your selected store and deliver those to your doorstep.  This service includes a delivery fee and an option for you to tip the Delivery Hero based on your satisfaction level with the delivery.


Choosing a Service (No Extra Fees)

In case you have chosen a Local Business that has listed the provided services by that Local Business, this will be fulfilled based on the type of service by the Local Business itself. Duck Chacha Inc. would not have any interference after the service is purchased and the relationship/service needs to be handled directly between the listed Local Business and the Customer.